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Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 14, 2024

“As healthcare, and physician reimbursement have fundamentally changed, I realized my primary care practice was declining financially. I had many unanswered questions, and great unease over how to proceed.”

“I sought out Dr Keith Brady’s consulting services and it has been a success. He provided me with a roadmap of the things he would review, the assessment findings he would deliver, and action plan(s) he would provide for areas of the practice needing change. Receiving the overview of Dr Brady’s strategy and execution plans gave me confidence that I was in knowledgeable hands, and that decisions would be tailored to my needs and under my control.”

I highly recommend KDB Healthcare Business Consulting Services.

Thomas, Northrop, FACHE

Thomas Northrop
Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 14, 2024

Dr. Brady is very personable and works extremely hard to deliver what he promises. He has much experience end an extensive network that he has developed over the years in the medical administrative field as a hospital CEO that make him an invaluable resource. He has been very helpful to me in my medical career.

Sumana Reddy, MD
Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 16, 2024

Dr. Brady has deep management expertise across a variety of healthcare settings, from physician

practices to hospital leadership to long-term care. His unique background provides a comprehensive

understanding of the healthcare market. He can call on resources across the industry, in addition to his

own formidable knowledge, to address issues and opportunities across all aspects of physician practice

management and across the life cycle of a physician’s career.

I have been particularly impressed by Dr. Brady’s market analysis, negotiating skill, and judgment. He

can identify market opportunities appropriate to a practice and assist the practice to obtain beneficial

contracts. He has also assisted physicians in the sale of their practices by guiding practice valuation and

handling negotiations with the buyers with excellent results.

Dr. Brady’s wisdom, understanding, and skill collaborating with people is priceless. For a provider who

may be struggling with staff performance, he can objectively assess that performance and identify

staffing requirements for the practice as it presently operates, as well as to ensure the successful

implementation of new or expanded services.

If you have questions or concerns about the performance or direction of your medical practice, or if you

are at a decision point about whether to expand your practice or to sell your practice, reach out to Dr.

Brady. He will roll up his shirt sleeves, collaborate with you, and guide you toward your goals.

Tom Hammond
Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 6, 2024

Dr. Brady is very professional and has worked diligently in San Diego as

a former Chief Executive Officer of hospitals and skilled nursing


He has exhibited exceptional character when interacting with physician

staff and employees throughout his tenure in San Diego.

He has personally helped me sell my practice in his new role as a Senior

healthcare consultant well as other physicians.

He has an excellent reputation and trust amongst the physician community


I highly recommend Dr. Brady.

Anoush Boghairi, MD

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