Physician Practice Leadership

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According to Lisa S. Rotestein, Raffella Sadum & Anupan B. Jena, medicine involves leadership. “Nearly all physicians take on significant leadership responsibilities over the course of their career, but unlike any other occupation where management skills are important, physicians are neither taught how to lead nor are they typically rewarded for good leadership. Even though medical institutions have designated “leadership” as a core medical competency, leadership skills are rarely taught and reinforced across the continuum of medical training. As more evidence shows that leadership skills and management practices positively influence both patient and healthcare organization outcomes, it’s becoming clear that leadership training should be formally integrated into medical and residency training curricula (Harvard Business Review, April 2018).”

The main challenge, however, is that few physicians are adequately equipped to manage their new leadership responsibilities. “Most physician leaders are tossed into their roles without any prep work. They are not sufficiently prepared to take on their new responsibilities. In the past, the focus was on physicians with strong clinical skills, high volume and likability. Now the focus is on physician leaders with exceptional people skills — capable of communicating effectively and building trust and buy-in across multidisciplinary groups. Management training and knowledge of leadership principles are important characteristics of successful physician leaders. Physician leaders must be able to build, collaborate, motivate and move strategy in the right direction.

KDB Consultants collaborate with physician practice owners to improve their leadership skills. We collaborate with industry leaders in change management and leadership development. KDB Consulting partners with The American College of Physicians that provide CME education to physicians who practice in many specialties.

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